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Gagarin Way - One4Review

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4 stars

Gagarin Way is the first Theatre piece to be performed under The Stand Comedy Club banner. Performed by Will Andrews, Bruce Morton, Jim Muir and Phil Nichol, each mainly known for their stand-up work in various guises. They meet together under the direction of Maggie Inchley

We are in a warehouse somewhere in Dunfermline Fife, it is the middle of the night and something very illegal is going on. Eric (Phil Nichol) enters with the security guard, after some discussion the security guard leaves. Eric’s pal Garry enters with a body over his shoulder and dumps it unceremoniously on a trolley full of boxes centre stage. The security guard returns and is taken hostage. All this time the conversations return time and time again to the subject of us and them. Us the workers, them the owners and rich shippers. References return frequently to Lumphinnans and the 1921 lock-out, little Moscow, anarchism, socialism and capitalism. Most of which admittedly went flying over my head. However it was interesting seeing these four comedians looking and acting very different from their norm.

My quote of the fringe so far is “Troublemaking is a hobby, it keeps you out of trouble!”


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