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The Phone Book Live! - One4Review

Ok why bring in guests to read out of a phone book?  Apparently "they say truly great performers can read the  phone book and make it entertaining" so Stage D’Or productions have done just that! On Friday 25th August Chris Neill was the victim, after a brief introduction to both the show and Chris he was asked what the phone book meant to him, to read from his chosen letter of the alphabet and finally to autograph the book he read from and auction it off on the day to raise funds for help the children, the chosen charity of the show. Chris stated he no longer uses a phone book but gets any required numbers on line. He then reminisced not so much on the use of the book but more the abuse of it.  How as a group he and his friends phoned up those with unusual names or addresses, the local businesses and some top class London hotels causing trouble.  He then started to read from the Neill’s in the book as his paternal grandfather came from Leith. His take on the reading was who he would like to make love to. The auction of the item raised a reasonable sum which Chris matched penny for penny. Interesting concept and possibly fantastic show, Chris was extremely funny in explaining his use of the book but mildly funny in its reading. **** I believe our dear friend Mitch Benn did the reading on Thursday 24th but it wasn’t so much a reading as a singing.  All the guests have autographed three other phone books which I believed are to be auctioned off for the charity. For further information see  See also Cart D’Or’s other production ‘Spite The Face’ our 300th review.

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