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Crimes of Passion - One4Review

This a stage adaptation of Ken Russell’s movie of the same name by Ricado Pinto, who also directs and stars in this erotic psychological thriller. Struggling family man and Private investigator Bobby Grady, David Nicholson, is hired to check on fashion designer Joanna by her boss, but Joanna is also leading a double life as China Blue, a hooker playing out the weird sex games of her clients. Laura Meakin plays with demanding role with style. As well as investigating her, Bobby falls for Joanna due to the imminent breakdown of his marriage. Father Peter, Ricado Pinto, is a priest determined to save China Blue from herself and possibly save himself from his perverted ways into the bargain. Other cast members Laura Hooper, Simone Laraway and Steve Kent play all the supporting roles that contribute to this hard hitting and violent play that is also strewn with strong language, sexual scenes and nudity. There is clever use of the available space and the direction and design are in keeping with the plays content. However, the same content would not make it everyone’s taste so if you are offended by material of this nature perhaps this is not the play for you. ****

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