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Heavy Like the Weight of a Flame - One4Review

3 Stars


R Ernie Silva is an accomplished and animated storyteller. He recounts the key moments in his life, humorous and tragic, starting with his upbringing in Brooklyn. Unusually for a kid growing up in a tough district, he was absorbed by reading, much to the ridicule of David, one of his older brothers. Both his older brothers took drugs. Ethan his eldest brother gave Ernie an acoustic guitar, just before he was taken away to serve time. This Ernie named Savanna and it has been his constant companion ever since.

Fearing, as a young adult, he too would be absorbed into the culture of drugs and violence, he made a dramatic departure in a rail box car. For the next few years he roamed across America drifting from town to town. However, wherever he journeyed, he could not escape from the disturbing visions of memories from his childhood. This continued until one morning during a spectacular sunrise he had a cathartic moment which transferred his mood of depression to one of hope for the future.

By using changes of mood from the poignant to moments of hilarity, he keeps our attention in what is a life affirming story.

Reviewed by Ben

Underbelly’s Pasture – Dairy Room: 300

3 to 29 August 2011 (not 16, 28)

17.00 – 18.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 268


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