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Bane 2 - One4Review

5 Stars *****

Joe Bone’s relentless one man action film-noir is a master class in one-man storytelling. With all the grit of a real action film mixed to hysterical effect with bold characters, smooth one-liners

Accompanied by the brooding guitar of Ben Roe, we follow Bruce Bane in the sequel where our anti hero has to reluctantly come face to face with his inner demons via therapy and faces the prospect of killing an old friend who has recently mutated into a strange creature by toxic waste.

The skill and craft of body and voice that Bone produces reveals incredible range and the conviction in the playing gives the humour an extra edge. A favourite part of the show and a motif for the trilogy are the darkly funny deaths which provoke the audience into some spectacular reactions.

Those who have seen the first Bane outing will enjoy certain references but this format of trilogy should not stop people jumping in and enjoying Bane 2 or 3 before seeing the original if your Fringe plan wont accommodate you to see them in order.

The ending sets the stage perfectly for what is to come-stay tuned for the Bane 3 review.

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay

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