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Men - One4Review

We have a suicidal junkie Guy, a ‘ slick leopard’ Jules, a  self proclaimed stud Dangerous Bob all together in a room armed,  with booze ‘ recreational substances’, a freezer and an exercise machine. Add the disembodied voice of Haizel. Just another day at the office huh? Jonathon Dutton , formerly Tad Reeves from Neighbours, is Guy, Ryan Johnson as Jules, James Schlesinger is Bob and together there is some bond that unites them or drives them further apart. Why is Haizel, Anna Lise Phillips, giving them a countdown? But is everything how it seems? Who is fooling who? And why is Haizel running around with specimen jars? All is not plain sailing, internal disputes, fronts turn out to be myths and does Haizle hold the key to turn these boys into Men. The answer to this and to see a spectacular finale the Pleasance Queen Dome is the place to be. p.s. There is a rumour that one of Jonno’s former acting colleagues is going to be visiting to greet their cast with a Kiss Kiss, either that or how to make a reversed charges call so you never know who may be sitting beside you? ***

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