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Fourplay - One4Review

Two short plays linked by a common theme – the confusion of the roles of men and women in modern times. The first play is set in a wine bar – well thought out set design in such a limited space – where we share the thoughts and aspirations of four young women. There is the nurse, who is a single mother, the married teacher, the air hostess and the P.A., who are both single. Within this setting short scenes depicting aspects of their lives as individuals and female life in general are played with wit and, at times with sadness at that unfeeling selfishness that people can display.  The actresses cleverly play a variety of roles ranging from self indulgent teenagers to beauty pageant contestants. The depiction of  the airhead Miss Pink was a brilliant cameo. The second play is set in a bedsit, also carefully designed, with three 20 something males examining their identity as men in a society where women appear to have less need for men as protector and provider.  Employing the same approach as in the first play, the actors move easily into a variety of different settings exploring unsatisfactory features of daily life. Day time T.V., for example, concentrates on the trivial and the freakish. Overall, good direction, interesting ideas put across with sharp dialogue and strong, clear performances.      ***

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