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Coffee - One4Review

Coffee is a comic swipe at the superficiality of the advertising world. Three advertising executives are seated in a coffee bar and are up against a deadline to dream up an ad to promote a brand of coffee. Steve (Steven Evans) is the dominant personality, vacuous and loquacious. Alex (Alexander Kirk) appears to be somewhat dim. Zoë (Zoë Gardner) is young and attractive but lacking in inspiration. The opening scene shows the threesome trying to improvise a love triangle sketch but they can’t make it work. There is an undercurrent of sexual tension since both Steve and Alex both fancy Zoë. Alex is allergic to coffee but Steve cajoles him into having a cup. His persona completely changes. Words and ideas pour out. Steve and Zoë try to latch on to something but without success. The play is split into snappy scenes. At various times each character leaves for a short time, say for a toilet break. This is when the more intimate personal feelings are expressed. The cast are excellent in exploiting the humour in the script. The biting send up of the advertising world makes for a funny play. There is a touch of repetition but a clever twist in the final scene.   ***  

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