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No Exit - Artemis Theatre Company - One4Review

There is always a quandary in my mind when the same play is on more than once in the Fringe. Do I attend one or the other or both? I decided this time to attend both with this production being the second. Both plays are based on translations of Sade’s original, with three unconnected people being consigned to Hell for eternity because of past misdemeanours. But where are the torturers? Garcan, Rob Pomfret, a Brazilian publisher and maybe coward, Inez, Jeannette Longworth, a postal worker, and Estelle, Anna Kauppila, a young, beautiful Parisienne society girl. As the play develops it becomes clear that they are their own tormentors as the complex interactions and history is played out to the full. This is an excellent production, but less intense that the version by Act Provocateur, so if you wish to see a slightly tamer version, then this could be for you and you will not be disappointed, however for the full in your face version, check out the other one. ****

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