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Cabin Fever - One4Review

This play is written by the comedian Jim Sweeney it is the fourth play of his to be presented at the Gilded Balloon since 1999. The others were ‘Danny’s Wake’, ‘Sick Transit’ and ‘My MS and Me’, either Geoff or myself have seen all three.  Working with Stephen Frost for years the two performers know each other well and I feel this comes out in the writing. I have watched Stephen Frost over the years perform mainly in comedy and on TV. I also saw him in the production in the Assembly Rooms, 2003 as part of the phenomenal ’12 Angry Men’ cast.  ‘Cabin Fever’ could almost be a snapshot of him in another life. Billed as a one-man show for two people, we see Billy Merriweather in his cabin onboard a recently refurbished luxury cruise liner.  In a wheelchair he has a man in uniform taped down with gaffartape.  As the show proceeds we find out that after 25 years as a comic for the same cruise liner he is being pensioned off!  ‘Alternative Comedy’ and ‘Reality Shows’ have taken over.  Frosts portrayal of the character is such that without knowing him so well I would almost think he was not acting at all. The entertainment officer’s (I am trying to get his name) fear of Merriweather for me wasn’t quite believable although in the final scene of the play a possible reason for this developed. The twist in the show slowly dawned on me at the start of the third and final scene with almost a groane. Cleverly written and superbly performed it is well worth trying to see this production. ****

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