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Omid Djalili - No Agenda - One4Review

What would a Hollywood ‘Actor’ who has been in a TV sitcom with the amazing Woopie Goldberg be doing in Edinburgh In August?

Why performing stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

This is what the multi talented Omid Djalili is doing. He has performed before to sell-out audiences in Edinburgh and no wonder. Despite not being at the Fringe since 200? it seems his popularity is as strong as ever and although performing in one of the largest spaces at the Festival is already selling out.

I love this man! I say ‘I love this man!’ He is so talented and never fails to have me almost rolling in the isles. This show ‘No Agenda’ has just that, bags of new material but sadly no ‘Belly Dancing’. He covers every aspect of life, cultural differences, the arts, sings and dances.

If you meet him and he starts to sweat or talk to you like a demented wookie beware as his heat distribution problem is kicking in and you never know what he is going to say or do next.


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