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The Magnets  -  Magnetude - One4Review

In to each generation a group of heroes are born, those who champion the power of the human voice.  We are lucky in Edinburgh as the Magnets introduce us to ‘Magnetude’ the story of the heroes for our generation. After last years show I expected to see a similar show following the creation and development of the group. Instead I witnessed the proposed first act of a two-part concert show. It explains how the Magnets got together, with the use of a little theatrical licence, using a variety of a cappella numbers. They use a backdrop with projected images and voiceovers to enhance the experience. This cleverly written show was far too short but the band explained afterwards that it is only part of a proposed full length touring show with the second half more musical numbers and less storyline. I was a little anxious that after enjoying last years show so much and building it up in my memory that they would not be as good as I remembered. I needn’t have been anxious at all, as they were as good if not better. The Magnets are Colin Griffiths Brown, Nic Doodson, James Fortune, Andy Frost, Steve Trowell and Michael Welton. See them if you can as the audio exaltation has to be heard to be believed. My one complaint is that no new CD is available, Yet!!! ***** For more information visit  also see last years review Band on the Break

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