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Andy's Promise - One4Review

NUTS are a group that attend the Fringe on a yearly basis and it is assured that their performances are always of a high quality, and this years production written and directed by Edward Berresford is certainly upto previous standards. Andy, James Johnson, is the bright pupil of the family, which consists of brother Tony, Ed Clifton, a manipulative rival, older sister Isabelle, Helen Zara, has learning difficulties, and mum Rachel Gay and father, Michael Butterworth, but what secrets do they hold? Andy swears on his mothers life not to lie for a week, but is manipulated by Tony into situations where he must either lie or hurt those close, not least being his girlfriend Vanessa, Primrose Dixon. Although this is a fairly short piece, the characters are developed beautifully and they whole piece draws one into the story with ease. I certainly have no qualms in recommending this as a fine example of early afternoon theatre. ****

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