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Between - One4Review

Not so much one young woman’s search for herself but more a declaration of her contentment with whom she is.  Adopted by an American family, who work with multi rational children every summer, Amy tells us of her life as an adoptee, the influences in her youth and her rational and irrational fears and expectations together with her communications with her birth mother in Korea and the subsequent journey to the land of her birth along with the effects of meeting her natural family. This self-written one-woman show is interesting and provides a unique insite to her personal slant on adoption.  Through playing different characters from her past and present, she takes us through salient points of her past, her clever characterisation lets you visualise the persona she is portraying.  She exposes situations from which her outlook on life might be very different had she not been the strong person she is.  Well written and sensitively performed. ***

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