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Foreskins Lament - One4Review

Greg McGee’s play lifts the lid on male team sport. Rugby is arguably the most physically confrontational of all team sports. This is reflected in the play’s high intensity. Moreover, the fact that the play is set in New Zealand is significant because rugby is without question their national sport. How any person reacts to a play depends on individual background and in this production it matters more than in most plays. I have played team sport, not rugby, and the blinkered attitudes, the superficial sarcastic banter and depersonalisation of women are portrayed most accurately. If you are female and have no interest in sport, you will witness group male behaviour at its worst. Although you will see an eyeful of fit young men in the opening dressing room scene. Dominik Golding in the lead role gives an exceptional performance trapped in his rugby roots but becoming sick of the brutishness it engenders. The scenes with Clean (Kristian Jenkins) who represents all that is cynical in the game are the strongest features of the play. Some of the characters are stereotypes, the Irish joker for example. A powerful drama lightened with a touch of humour. ***

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