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Crave - One4Review

The first point to make about ‘Crave’ is that it is not conventional theatre with a storyline and character development. Rather it is a blend of words almost musical in the way that they are delivered. Four actors, two male and two female, pour out mainly in staccato fashion a full range of deep emotions. Briefly, one of the actors almost breaks into a full anecdote but this is quickly absorbed into the fusion of the remaining voices. The analogy that can be made is with a Bartock or Berg Quartet. At times, there are solo sections but it is the whole sound that the listener takes in. As with musicians, the timing is crucial and in this play the same requirement is essential. In this regard, the four performers Edward Rice, Osheen Jones who is also the director, Alexandra Guelff, Stephanie Bain plus the lighting crew cannot be faulted. This is not an easy piece to give stars since, like the musical works which I have mentioned, the listener will either take to it or reject it. For its mesmeric quality and the boldness of the project it deserves praise. However, if you are looking for more traditional theatre this production may not be for you. ****

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