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Krapp's Last Tape And Rockaby - One4Review

This double bill written by Beckett presented by The Arches Theatre Company performed by Kay Gallie and Andrew Dallmyer and directed by Andy Arnold comprises firstly ‘Rockaby’ then ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’.  I had almost forgotten how strange and depressing Samuel Beckett’s writing can be. It was brought back to me by ‘Rockaby’, within two minutes of the 10minute performance.  . An elderly widowed woman dressed completely in black rocks periodically too and fro, listening to a monotonous voice.  Dark brooding and almost suicidal. ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’ was set up behind the Rocking Chair.  Set in an office with boxes drawers and a very old man.  Most of the performance is done in silence with only the actual tapes being heard. A slightly lighter piece in all aspects of the word with some gentle comedy included. Both plays are well performed and interestingly directed. The audience I was in with all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show. *** Reviewed by Sheila Kay Jack  

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