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Mount Rushmore's Babes - One4Review

Mount Rushmore’s Babes are Anna Neill, Harriet Fisher, Catrin Jones and Lydia Outhwaite who met at Loughborough University and set themselves a challenge of creating a cabaret style sketch show for this years Fringe. Well they achieved their goal in that they are here performing, and it is a cabaret style show. However, there is more to performing at the Fringe than this. The show is crying out for direction and writing, some of their gags must have been older than they were, and on occasions a reminder that spotlights are to show what’s happening on stage, not to be hidden from. Also a tech of some sort would help. Those were the down sides, but these ladies came into their own when they sang and their opening number parody of All that Jazz was excellent, as was the closing number My Way. I could have enjoyed a lot more of this material. Also a couple of the sketches had merit, especially ‘Ginger’ll fix it’ It is a shame this show wasn’t better, but there is raw potential, and with a little work there results could be amazing. **

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