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Sex, Lies And An 80's Tribute Band - One4Review

Successful Travel writer Neil Stevenson (David Lawrie) returns home after 20 years travelling the world. Home in Glasgow and fast approaching his dreaded 40th birthday he wants to relive the heady heydays by reforming his old band. Approaching his old mate Tony Giacomo (Allan Walker) now the proud owner of a self- created designer clothing boutique, whose present excitement consists of taking a DVD home and settling in front of the TV with his partner. Stevie Powers (Rab Cunningham) live the high life with a weekly local radio teenage love problems slot. Up for a reunion he sees it as a way of reliving his past and getting to meet younger women The final member of the band is Jan Stone (Alison Bell) finding herself at a loss since her teenage daughter Gemma (Seonaid Ballantyne) moved out in to her own flat. Reluctantly Jan agrees to the gig despite her feelings about Neil and his lack of contact after their liaison on Hogmanay 20 years ago just before he left without a word. The rehearsals of the band, relationships of the characters, full reasoning behind the re-union and some brilliant 80’s tracks are laid before us.  This basic show returns to the original meaning of a Fringe show.  If you are in to nostalgia and 80’s music this is the place to be. ***

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