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Starship Pinafore - One4Review

St. Andrews Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s operetta is a delight. The blend of Star Trek and HMS Pinafore really does work. The whole team are to be congratulated for staging the show in such a cramped space and to manage to get all 18 cast members on to the stage at one time requires much ingenuity. The plot is straightforward. Captain Kirkoran (Tom Briggs), Commander of the Starship Pinafore and more Stephen Fry than William Shatner, has a daughter Josephine (Imogen Leigh Howes) whom he wishes to marry off to Sir Joseph Porter (Michael Fryer), the Commander of the Starship Fleet. However, Josephine has fallen for Ralph Rackstraw (Chris Charlton), a lowly Vulcan warp engineer. Into the action comes Robocop (Rachel Middle), an android with feelings for the Captain. Through various twists a happy ending results. All the principals have good singing voices but special mention must go to Imogen Leigh Howes for her powerful voice and stage presence ; also Rachel Middle for her comic talent and timing. When the whole cast is on stage there is a rich sound to the well known Pinafore tunes. There is one irritating feature that the lighting does not work effectively in that the principals are often performing in semi darkness. Apart from this criticism this is a captivating production and one that was well received by the audience. ***

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