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Stephen K Amos  -  All Of Me - One4Review

I first became aware of Stephen k Amos about four years ago when I couldn’t get a ticket for someone else and went to see him instead. The impact he made was that I can’t remember who I didn’t see, but Mr Amos has been one of the first names on my list each year since. He must be becoming big time, he has an opening act! An African leader who gradually morphs into African stand-up, who speaks to the audience through an onstage interpreter. Those of the most astute realised of course that this was another of his characters, but it was certainly an entertaining few minutes. Stephen is of course a true master of his art, and he commands his space, bantering with his audience members. This years show is called All of Me, based on the earlier parts of the young Amos’s life, in it’s self an interesting experience, but still reacting with the audience through out, which only increases the enjoyment. I was speaking to a couple in the queue prior to the gig who had not witnessed ‘The Master’ at work before so didn’t quite know what to expect. They enjoyed themselves so much that they were planning on going to see him again the following night.  Nuff said!! *****

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