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Teen Scream - One4Review

My previous experience of the Heather Brothers work was their much underrated A Slice of Saturday Night, so a chance to see some more of their work was something I couldn’t resist. Throw into the mix a hole lot of Wet End actors, including Jon Lee ex S Club 7 and Les Mis and I expected the ticket to be at a premium. The elaborate set is a deserted theatre set on a remote island where final year high school student are rehearsing their end of year show, but where is the cast, where are the props and scenery and who is the disembodied voice in the darkness. This becomes clearer as the show progresses, as events seem to mirror the script, there are songs and dances, murders, romances, in fact everything you would want in its tongue in cheek homage to teen slasher genre of films. The extremely talented cast, Jon Lee, Richard Grieve, Jennifer Hubilla, Amanda Salmon, Samuel Board, Tanya Carida, Adam C Booth, Peter Jamieson, Emily Trebicki and David Booth, make this look easy, I’m not sure it was as easy as they made it look and the script has as many twists and turns as a cork screw to maintain the interest right to the end. So this is not deep meaning theatre, so what, it makes no pretence to be. What it is, is an excellent light hearted romp that is an ideal way to start the Fringe day. ****

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