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Brendon Burns: So I suppose this is Offensive Now  - One4Review

There may be more confrontational comedians on the Fringe. There may be more intelligent craftsmen around, there certainly are easier comedians to watch but if there is a comedian with more genius I wish someone would tell me who, ‘cos in 15 years of Fringe going I’ve not found them. Burns literally prowls his stage delivering his material that is often on the very edge, but the tension he builds and laughter he generates are seldom far apart. He appears to be the brash epitome of the stereotypical Aussie alpha male, and at times it would be too easy to get carried along with his rants. Burns is varied in his material, the inevitable Glasgow Airport incident, Russell Brand, reality TV, racism, homophobia and his spin on sexual equality are all subjects that he has an opinion on, an opinion he is not afraid to share during his supremely well written and performed hour plus. The use of mirrors strategically placed facing the packed audience enables the crowd to observe the reaction of others, sometimes comforting, other time worrying, as the more confrontational aspects of his show unfold. But we should all remember that Burns is a showman. This is evident with addition of the ‘slutty dancing girls’ and the way his show is directed. I would by now expect nothing less from him. I’m not sure how much longer tickets will be available so take my advice get yours today to witness the master at his best. *****

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