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Carey Marx: Sincerity Aside - One4Review

I first became aware of the name Carey Marx two Fringes ago via his appearance on one of the lunchtime ‘Best of ‘ shows and was most impressed with what I saw. The man has a wicked sense of humour and his laid back style of delivery was right up my street. His show last year, entitled, White Light was visited twice, the second due to a technical failure on the first visit and these reinforced my opinion of him as a star in waiting. The only technical aid Marx uses this year is his oh so cute teddy bear Parsnip, who is used to counteract some of his master’s occasional ‘off’ jokes, due to the smaller than norm crowd he even shunned the use of a mic!! What he did though was to pack his set with new gags, he informs us that there are 120 jokes in is hour set, you certainly get value for money with Carey, and he had all of his audience laughing out loud at virtually all of his material. Marx deserves praise for the effort and the number of laughs he gave to his select crowd and I’d love to see him with the packed houses he richly deserves. *****

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