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Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision - One4Review

We in the UK generally do not take the Eurovision Contest very seriously, or so I thought. I know those continentals do, especially from my experience the Greeks. However, maybe I’m wrong judging from the hoards of Fringe punters who are literally flocking into the massive Pleasance Grand as this very tongue in cheek pastiche of The Eurovision contest is played out. The fun and games start in the queue as badges for the 10 competing countries are handed out and national flags and clackers are on sale. The frivolity is up and running. Once in side the cavernous venue the audience are being whipped into a frenzy by production staff bubbles are blowing, flags waving clackers clacking, and then the lights dim, a video message from the King of Eurovision himself, Terry Wogan and we’re off, Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the setting and our hosts Sergei played by Glynn Nicholas and Boika, Mel Geidroyc introduce the ten countries, namely Italy, Estonia, Iceland, UK, Russia, Hungary, Eire, Greece, Germany and Sweden who are battling it out to win this ‘prestigious contest’. The competitors take to the stage country by country, all performed by the talented and versatile company, with diverse styles costumes and music most of which is relevant to the country they are depicting. After the last entry has performed there is a live text vote where the crowd actually get to decide the winner.  Like the real thing, there is a half time entertainment of song and dance led by Boika followed by each country giving their votes which are greeted by flag waving as each score registers on the giant score board. The eventual winner get the trophy and of course sing their song again, before the curtain comes down on an excellent night. With all the serious stuff that finds it’s way into the Fringe I must congratulate the team behind this show for staging this fun packed tongue in cheek, yet totally professional and delightfully staged show, that has had people attending in droves. I am only allowed to give a maximum of 5 stars per show, ‘cause I’d be sorely tempted to give it 6 if I could. *****

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