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Newsrevue 2007 - One4Review

There are some things in life that are certain, taxes for one, if it is August then it must be Fringe time, and if that is the case then it is certain that Canal Café Theatre will be staging their piece de resistance that is News Revue. I have been attending this institution for many years now and am yet to see a poor one, and I am pleased to say that even on the opening night the current incumbent cast are up there with the best of previous years. The main idea does not change, but then if one has hit on a winning formula why should it? The cast of Pippa Evans, Will Henning, Emily Murphy and Ben Watson together with the musical accompaniment of Pete Smith lampooned the famous with songs and sketches that came thick and fast throughout the all too short hour of their performance. Politicians of course made up a fair proportion of their targets, George Dubya, Tony, Gordon of course, and assorted others were given the special treatment, but Posh, Becks, Britney even TV shows like Life on Mars all came under these comic assassins microscope. Great performances, cutting, topical writing, slick direction and a professionalism that belied the fact that it was their opening night will surely make this a red hot ticket. Take my advice, get yours and get it now, before the show deservedly sells out. HHHHH

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