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Retreat - One4Review

A middle aged man, Harold, Gary McKay, is listening to music on his headphones in his safe haven in Wales together with his crippled daughter asleep in the next room, and fails to hear the doorbell.  The man’s reverie is shattered by the intrusion of 19 year old Hannah, Alix Wilton-Reagan, his now dead friend’s daughter who is looking for shelter and food which Harold grudgingly provides and then with the addition of whisky stories and stories unfold that will change both their lives radically. This is an excellent play, well written by James Saunders and director Sophie Lifschutz extracts beautiful yet occasionally edgy performances from the two actors. As the secrets, situations and events are revealed an air of tension is almost palpable at times, occasionally being released only to build again. The seventy minutes the play runs was all too short for all and it should be a must for late evening Fringe viewing. ****

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