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Rich Hall - One4Review

Why I enjoy Rich Hall as a comedian I really cannot quite put my finger on.  For years I resisted going to see him as ‘Otis Lee Crenshaw’ but he was always there always saying ‘Hi’. Then suddenly he seemed to be gone for a while. In his place came Rich Hall, playwright, actor and comedian. Finally giving in I have become addicted to his plays and humour. His deadpan, almost horizontal, ranting and ravings are not usually what I would look for in Stand-Up comedy! His open my mouth and say exactly what I think, whatever, is so typically American it just is not normally my cup of tea! However they do say a little of what you fancy does you good and I do occasionally fancy a little nip of Bourbon and Rich Hall fills that cup admirably, thank you. This years play is ‘Best Western’, unfortunately Rich is not in this one but it is still well worth going to see. Oh and as for ‘Otis Lee Crenshaw’ if he ever makes a comeback to the Fringe, I will be fighting to be right up the front of that queue. ****

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