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Confessions & Obsessions of a Thirtysomething Divorcee - One4Review

This one woman play written and performed by Melanie Sherwood is the story of a thirty something divorcee on the morning of an ex’s wedding to which she is invited. Xara Fox is the character and we first meet the character waking up, very hung-over  and she relates her story, mostly dressed in her underwear, to her vibrator with us the audience along for the ride as she transforms herself into the attractive version. As the slap goes on the story unfolds her real feelings on being a single woman, biological clock ticking and her much prized boobs sagging. The blurb states that piece is inspired from Ms Sherwood’s own experiences. It is well written touching at times, funny at others but always engaging. The story is not ground breaking, occasionally reminding me of Bridget Jones with a touch of Sex and the City at times, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The set is nicely furnished, the direction works well for the space and the small venue has an interesting vibe, so all in all certainly well forth checking out. ****

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