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No Exit - One4Review

Over the last few years I have seen this play based on the Jean-Paul Sartre  classic and I feel that if the play is performed well, it is a superb theatrical piece but if done poorly it’s a long 75 minutes. I am delighted that the BUST ( Bath  University Student Theatre) production was one of the good ones. Based in a small room, presumably in Hell, the valet (Helene Marino) ushers in publisher and perhaps coward  Garcin (John Morgan) and partly explains what’s happening. Next to arrive is Inez (Yvonne Paulley) a lesbian postal worker and then socialite Estelle (Lisa Wu) , but where are the torturers and the instruments? And do they need them? The cleverly written script draws the real under lying story from the absentees as they interact and react with each other providing the substance to this eternal triangle and providing the theme of the play that Hell is really other people. The company do remarkably well given the postage-stamp size stage that minimises any movement, and the frugal set adds to rather than detracts from the production. This show is only playing until 9 August so you will have to be quick to catch it. ***

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