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Flanders and Swann:  At the Drop of a Hippopotamus  - One4Review

I honestly do not know why I love Flanders and Swann I’m not aware of having grown up with their songs playing in the house, nor can I remember quite when I became aware of them but I seem to have always enjoyed their silly songs. Tim FitzHigham and Duncan Walsh Atkins return to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival after their successful tour the likes of which has not  been seen by the great men themselves. With the full backing of the families and estates of Michael Flanders and Donald Swan. Comedian, actor performer FitzHigham is an Ideal front man for the duo whilst musician Atkins is superb as his straight man the slightly aloof debonair pianist. Never heard of Flanders and Swann perhaps but most people recognise some of their musical numbers including ‘The Gasman Cometh’, ‘More Madera M’Dear’, ‘The Gnu’ and probably the best known and loved of them all ‘The Hippopotamus’. Spend an hour in the Cabaret Bar sit back relax then join in with the refrains. ****

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