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Jekyll & Hyde: A Specimen - One4Review

Set in 21st Century Edinburgh, writer and director Donald Smith has convincingly updated R.L.Stevenson’s classic story. It is performed by Duncan R. Edwards and Gavin Paul, who take on two further characters, Professor McKie of the University Medical Faculty and Utterstone, a lawyer and legal representative of a medical foundation. Henry Jekyll is the brilliant student whose interests along with Professor McKie lie in the neural transformations of the brain. A medical foundation, seeing potential profit in such research, becomes interested. Jekyll wants to go further than the conservative Professor McKie, who injects monkeys with prepared injections. He wants to inject himself. This decision leads to the emergence of Hyde and the story unfolds as expected in a dark and dramatic way. Donald Smith’s direction is precise. The actors give the impression that every move and gesture is choreographed. Duncan R. Edwards and Gavin Paul work particularly well together, timing exactly the character changes. An interesting and enthralling interpretation of a story that takes to extremes the duality of our personalities. ****

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