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Out of Chaos - One4Review

Out of Chaos draws on storytelling traditions ranging from Greek mythology to cultures all over the world. There are six cast members, three from England and one from each of Spain, Denmark and Japan. The stories are told both individually and collectively. Physical theatre, clowning and musical accompaniment are effectively employed to heighten the drama or to enhance the humour as the stories are being narrated. There is no obvious structure but a series of accounts which dissolve before completion as if there is competition to be heard. This approach could be likened to channel hoping on TV, watching one programme for a time before switching to another channel. A further feature is that some stories are told in the language of the nationality of the performer, although the actions of the cast go someway to interpret the story. This to me triggered a memory of being on a local bus journey which lasted around an hour and I could pick up conversations, sometimes animated, in Spanish, Chinese and Polish. In the final scene, one of the stories is brought to a simple and touching ending. This production is an interesting approach to the expression of ideas which may or may not appeal.   ***

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