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The English Teacher - One4Review

A young attractive English teacher is thrust into a class of unsuspecting hormonal teenagers. His interest in them goes beyond the set texts. He looks into the background of each girl, comparing her heritage, her home life, her name and individual personality. It is almost inevitable that friction occurs between students but how far will girls go to get their own way?  Will the girls believe each other or examine the facts. This well written piece points you in one direction but the twists and turns are unexpected. You are lead to believe one thing only to have the facts surprise you. Written by Eric Schrode and performed by Kat Arenella, Laurs Barati, Cate Barsky, Ellie Bensinger, Serena Berman, Megan Fleming, Zoe Johnson, Taylor Laskey, Natalie Williams and Grant Gorrell as Mr Manning. Knowing both the subject matter and the individual performers Eric writes with great insight and gives every performer a script, which displays their individual talents to their optimum. This is a very enjoyable show. ****

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