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Jim Jeffries - Hammered  - One4Review

The career of this Aussie comedian seems to be soaring like a rocket over the last year of two and in doing so he has gathered a huge Fringe following as well. Jim is perhaps not the easiest comedian to watch as he usually calls a spade a f***ing shovel, but once you come attuned to him and his opinions there is no doubt he is a very funny man who can hold a room in his spell. He is a hard drinking, heavy smoking, manic depressive who has the knack of making statements that people could take offence to easily. Not many comedians seem to want to go toe to toe with as many factions as our Mr Jeffries, but that is partly much of the appeal of the man. Homosexuality, Christian, Muslins, suicide, burns victims, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, Large Americans, disability, self harming and sluts are just some of the topics he opines on. Jim seems to get quoted on some of his more controversial statements out of context. The story of his run in with the Osbournes is one example spread like wild fire and I’ve already seem one quote which is taken out of context as a headline, one that could well upset Christians. And yes he did say it, but in a totally different context than what is implied. JJ is working a lot in the USA currently, so who knows, this could be the last chance for a while to catch him at the Fringe. Grab your chance now, leave any inhibitions outside and go see a guy who is at the top of his game entertain. *****

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