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Little Red ( A Fairy Tale) - One4Review

In a strange little cottage in the middle of a deep dark wood we hear the story of a woman so desperate to have children she opens the door and screams to the magic beings in the wood to give her a child. She slams the door and locks it before hearing loud knocking she opens the door to see two babies in a basket, a little girl dressed in red and a little boy in blue. She is told to choose one and chooses the girl. We then meet Ruby she tells us about the basket and storybook she is carrying, it belonged to her grandmother then her mother in time. The book contains stories her granny wrote, why are these stories so important and why did her grandmother constantly want the stories read out to her. Age and the imagination can be dangerous but what is the secret behind the storybook and will this legacy continue through Ruby? This is a beautifully written piece of theatre, with as many twists and turns as those lost deep in a forest moving round trees and roots. The five performers are all excellent in their respective roles but the most emotional is the girl playing Ruby. What was totally unexpected was the final revelation at the end of the play. Very clever production but perhaps not the happiest of endings. ****

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