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Rosie Wilby: How to (Not) Make It in Brit Pop - One4Review

3 Star


Rosie Wilby is an accomplished comedian, yet until I saw her show last year I was unaware that she had a career in music, Brit Pop style.

This is a reworked version of last years show only here for a short season and is listed under theatre. It has a load of elements to it, Rosie has prepared a slide show of some of the photo’s of her and he band Wilby, from the era, she delivers a potted life history of their forming and gigging and for me anyway the best part is when she and her trusty acoustic guitar play a few numbers they recorded over the period. These songs are excellent and I am pleased to say are available on itunes to download.

I am an admirer of Ms Wilby as a comic, I have grown to like her music, but I’, afraid this show did not do it for me. I feel it did not comfortably fit into any genre, and a lot of the humour she used last year was diluted, there was not enough music to be in that category either. It was a pleasant hour, but no more than that.

She promised an hour of comedy for next year. Sign me up now please

Reviewed by Geoff

Bongo Club

Until 14 August

14-30 to 15-30

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