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Beyonce -  Stop Punching Robbie! - One4Review

Award winning actor Cecelia Delatori returns to the Fringe again, this time with a multi-character play, all portrayed by herself, set in the George Galloway nursery in Bethnal Green. Ms Delatorie has experience of working as a teacher in London’s East End, so one can only guess as if any of the many dysfunctional characters she brings to life are based on people she met, but either way she breathes life into them all making full use of her acting ability. Told predominately through the voice of Janice a divorcing teacher full of self-doubts, Janice treads the fine line of coping with bullying colleagues disruptive pupils and the odd mother from hell. The events on the school trip to the Bethnal Green Canal history museum which ends in near disaster and a visit to a Institute of Education conference all give more scope for Ms Delatorie to showcase her acting abilities as she extracts every ounce of humour from the well written script. Certainly an interesting hour spent in the early afternoon so why not give it a try. ***

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