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Bec Hill : Is More Afraid of You than You are of Her - One4Review

5 Star


It seems a strange career choice for someone who is scared of audience interaction to set out her career path to be a stand-up comedian. But then most comics are liars by trade so do I believe her?

What I do believe however that she is a very entertaining comic, a lady with a whole raft of interesting and yes very funny ideas and is an absolute geuius when it comes to the art of flipcharts.

From the get go she is facing her fears by befriending one of the crowd to be her friend in exchange from curing his fears, dealing with heckles she’d planted and progressing to addressing other fears along the way.

Ms hill is an endearing comic, and it makes me genuinely wonder why I have not seen her perform before. It will not be the last time hopefully, as it is another name in the database.

Take your chance now. Once the word gets out seats could be at a premium.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Turret

Until 26 August

14-45 to 15-45

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