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Missing Mel - One4Review

It never fails to amaze me what can be done by a company when they set their mind to it and this is one such production. Youth Theatre UK have taken this brand new musical written by by Kath Burlinson and Conor Mitchell, and under the direction of Pete Gallagher molded nearly forty young actors together into what is an excellent production with just one weeks rehearsal time. Mel is missing on the first day of the new school term, and as she is a diligent student unlike some of her classmates that most are kind of worried as to what might have happened to her. Kat, the artistic bohemian with something of a reputation, is accused of spiking her drink the night before which also lead to other tails of her alleged misdeeds which as the gossip spreads grows arms and legs. Bullying, also has an integral part in the show as is the uncertainties of teen romance and school life as the storyline unfolds. The performance I saw was technically a preview so I was prepared to take this into account with the review, but didn’t feel I needed to. For me the show looked like it had been ready for ages, the logistics of moving this number of teenagers around the stage alone was magnificent, choreography was good also and the cast leads had excellent singing voices. If there was any criticism at all I could raise would be I didn’t feel captivated with any of the songs. I always like to leave a musical whistling one number, but unfortunately it was not the case with this. **** 

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