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The Hired Man - One4Review

Thanks to YA aka Youth Arts Leicester we were introduced to a shortened version of ‘The Hired Man’ during the Fringe some years ago.  Subsequently we managed to get a copy of highlights from the musical and therefore was probably the only person in the audience with preconceived ideas about what I was going to see. I was not however ready to be quite so impressed.  The whole production is very well thought out, for once I couldn’t find fault with the choreography, direction, lighting, staging, costumes or performances. Having some basic knowledge of the storyline I found myself able to enjoy the show more and concentrate on the performance rather than the production.  As far as the programme I understand why they just list the actors and although this is an ensemble piece I would have liked to have known who the main characters were. The clever use of, what I can only describe as, squares of material which during the show become aprons, babies, luggage bundles, scythes, washing, pit props etc etc the list could go on for some time. An all round enjoyable show well performed and a pleasure to watch. ****

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