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School Ties - One4Review

In 2003 Geoff discovered what he called, a gem of a show, in ‘School Ties’.  This show was devised, choreographed, directed and written by Julian, Jonathan and Angela Kaufman. Having not seen ‘School Ties’ first time round I was interested to go with Geoff to see the 2005 production. This cleverly written piece introduces Kate Ankers, Karen Boniface, Liv Boorman and Amy Spencer who between them cover 16 characters both male and female. These characters range from 12 year old boys and girls entering school, through the teachers at the school to the same students about to leave and make there way in the world. This is done through scenes, sketches and songs.  The live music is provided by James Cleeve on the keyboards. Very Godberesque this is an extremely good show full of little gems both iced and not. It deserves massive audiences. **** As for Geoff he enjoyed it again but thought it has lost a little of its rough edges and has been paired down slightly. School Ties 2003

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