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Reception - One4Review

There is no doubt that Jen Brister and Clare Warde are both excellent comedy actors with quality cv’s in the bag so to have them perform together as somewhat disillusioned receptionists in this piece should have ensured a cracking hour. Set in the reception of the Royal Society of Radiographers, would be actress Jen and somewhat disillusioned with life Clare find themselves locked in accidentally at the end of another boring day. Colleagues but not friends they are less than encouraging about each other and their ambitions, plenty of scope, given their short comings. The script is very funny in parts, less so in others, there are almost elements of slapstick at times and even some singing. Casting sessions, snack survival guide, anger recognition and a stuffed cat bought on e-bay are some of the better parts of this silly but amusing concoction. Yes, I enjoyed the show, yes the ladies are funny and the script, when they stuck to it, had several excellent bits, but for this reviewer the package just missed that something that would turn it into an must see. ***

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