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Shakespeare for Breakfast - One4Review

It’s a well known fact that Fringe days should not start in the middle of the night at 10-00 a.m. It’s another well known fact that this reviewer detests all things Shakespearean, then why do I do this to myself year after year I can almost hear you say. Well, the answer is clear. This is always an excellent joyful jape with a few unlikely characters transported to different locations, times and situations, enough homage to the Bard to keep fans happy, but enough nonsense to dilute this for the likes of me. This year at Camp Shakespeare sees Prospero, Romeo, Juliet,  Lord and Lady McScottish play, Malvoleo and Bill himself at play at a retreat where they can get some R&R. Simple games as twister and charades lead to others such as Weakest Link and The Apprentice as all manner of mayhem and mischief  occur. The cast of Felix Prang, Steven Rostance, Stephanie Wilson, Robert Bradley, Faye Billing, Vanessa Hammick and Bridget Maher play all roles and somehow they are moved around by the direction of Henry Bell. What better way to start off the Fringe day and there are also coffee and croissants thrown in with the price of a ticket. ****

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