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The Guru  - One4Review

This is not a show it is a seminar. The Guru John Popolini has generously crossed the Atlantic to bring us the word and that word is sucksess=sucksess. Hallelujah Armed with his experiences, obnoxiousness, and his talent to be absolutely sleazy GJP as he likes to be known, enlists the assistance of mega star Madonna, to assist his cause, which seemed more to be parting us from our money than anything else. Madonna turns out to be as much as a fake as he is , but the look-a-like Evelyne Brink who does bear an uncanny resemblance to Madge, sings like an angel and treats us to a few numbers, certainly adding sex appeal, unlike the oily Guru. Various stages are explained to us all leading up to what is the ultimate accolade the GJP endorsement as long as we get out our credit cards. This was a show I wasn’t really looking forward to, but against my better judgement, I really enjoyed it. The Guru and Madge played their roles with true style, the script well written and with plenty of comedy value. ****

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