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War of the Worlds - One4Review

I have always admired Pip Utton it seems that every time he comes to the Fringe he has diversified, but to attempt to perform ‘The War of the Worlds’ in one hour. Not only that but Jeff Wayne’s musical version. We are ushered into a space, which could easily be an underground bunker, the lights dim, then start flashing red and green, that iconic music started and we were off. We were guided by Pip’s mesmeric voice through the journey which once created havoc when broadcast on the radio. Despite knowing the story, having seen the film and listening to Jeff Wayne’s LP & CD some of the anxiety if not fear came over the room. Being an adaptation of the musical version we get to hear Pip sing he may not have a rock star voice but the emotion was almost palpable. Not making things easy for himself he must time his narrative and singing exactly to the soundtrack. Whether you are a fan of, the one man show, the literary skills of HG Well’s or Jeff Wayne’s music you are on to a winner with this performance but take heed it might be a once in a life time so don’t miss it. I don’t know the word for triple genius so I can only say it’s an absolutely brilliant show see it if you can. *****

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