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Zanna Don't - One4Review

This is the European premiere of an Off-Broadway show ‘Zanna Don’t’. Set in Heartsville High where Zanna the class fairy takes extra love from those with excess and gives it to others. Minor twist every normal relationship is homosexual i.e. boy-boy, girl-girl and heterosexuality is banned. Zanna has a bright sparkly wand which is not only magic it alerts him to both the awakening of love and problems in relationships. The kids decide upon a theme for the school musical that is so daring they risk getting kicked out if it goes wrong "Heterosexuality in the Forces". During which the leading boy football captain and leading girl choreographer of the Bronco-Bull riding formation team fall in love. To help them face up to their love Zanna casts a spell with dire consequences including the loss of his magic.   Imagine every cliché you can in musicals about school and love but you still won’t quite get all the references in ‘Zanna Dont!’ Grease, High School Musical and the Rocky Horror Show to mention three it is a great rollicking romp with fun music which sticks in the mind and I hope to get a copy of the original Off-Broadway CD. The RSAMD cast are superb and obviously having fun during the show. Lookout for both this musical and its cast in the future. *****

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