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Carey Marx: The Doom Gloom Boom - One4Review

5 stars

Geoff first discovered the cute phenomenon that is Carey Marx, so it is now a rush to see who can schedule his show in first.  This year, for the second year in a row, I got to see him.  Carey may be fairly small in stature but he has a huge talent for comedy, a deceptive lopsided grin which charms any woman or man he chooses to smile at and a warped if hilarious sense of humour.

His 2009 Fringe offering is entitled ‘The Doom Gloom Boom’.  Not perhaps the most inviting title for comedy in this economic climate yet perfectly fitting. From the first seconds on stage Carey goes at the gags non-stop till his final side splitting finish. You are sitting innocently in the audience as the material is shot at you like several machine guns firing full pelt. You are just about to get your breath back when another comedy explosion envelops you in its laugh. As Carey assesses just how far he can go with this particular audience the grin grows larger and the twinkle in the eye brighter and you get glimpses of his inner devil.

Neither Geoff nor myself can understand why Carey is not getting the audiences many others are. Yet part of me is delighted as I want to keep him to ourselves. Apart from driving tanks through the centre of Edinburgh exploding shells with flyers for Carey, banging drums up and down the High street I don’t know how to get bums on seats, mind you this five star review might help.

Cute Carey’s clever comedy may not be a cure for the Doom Gloom Boom but heaven knows it helps!



  1. I saw Carey last night at The Comedy Store in Warrington. He was certainly very funny, but I felt he sometimes crossed a line, and I don’t consider myself easily shocked.

    Some thoughts on last night’s line-up are here:

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