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Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop - One4Review

5 stars

What to say?  And how to say it?  Ok, here goes . . . I think that Frisky and Mannish may possibly be the best thing to have been in front of my eyes thus far this Fringe.  This talented duo have an act that is unique, inspired and a hell of a lot of fun. 

So what’s the premise?  Well, Felicity Fitz-Frisky (an English eccentric) and Hansel Amadeus Mannish (a gypsy genius) hail from the world renowned Leipzig Conservatoire, and it is their manifesto to uncover the “unfamiliar” elements dormant within ubiquitous pop classics.  This basically allows them to fiddle about with hits old and new, reworking them in their own special way. 

 This is a cabaret act that have it all – powerful voices, innate musical ability, slick timing and shiny, sparkly costumes.  I can honestly say that I sat with a smile on my face for the full 60 minutes.  As a reviewer, that shouldn’t happen.  I’m supposed to be grumpy and sneering, but I couldn’t be – they were simply too good!  As I left the venue and sneakily listened in to the conversations being held around me it appeared that this was a view shared by most of the audience.

 I think there’s a genuine buzz building about these guys and I’d like to think I can add to it.  The first thing I did after leaving (apart from the eavesdropping) was meet up with a group of friends and recommend that they go see Frisky and Mannish as soon as they can.  I suggest you do the same. 


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