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Daniel Sloss: Teenage Kicks - One4Review

5 stars

I suppose it is just about a year now since I first saw a teenager take to the stage at the Stand Comedy Club and blow  it away with a short slot that belied his tender years and was just …wow. I thought then, and am even surer now, Daniel is going to be a comedy superstar.

It has been well documented in many a paper and magazine of his mentorship by Frankie Boyle for a while.  Sloss repayed the favour by writing for Boyle, but now the Fife lad is out playing with the big boys with his show Teenage Kicks at the Fringe 2009.

For a relatively ‘unknown’ he is selling out virtually every night and it is of no wonder to me. He is a ‘tick every box’ comedian. Young girls must fancy him, older ladies want to mother him, young guys want to be him, and us older men wish we had his banter.

Daniel plays heavily on his youth and his Fife background, why not it’s what he knows best.  However, his material is well written, very funny, and excellently delivered.  Sloss has stage presence. In spades!!  He seems to have the maturity of one far older when he is in full flow.

It will be interesting to see when, and not if, he is blasted into the spotlight of national stardom. I have a bet going on with a few of those in the know that it won’t be too far away, so take my advice, try and get a ticket if there are still some available as it might be the last chance before the rocket takes off.


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